Notary Public Services

All notaries in New South Wales are qualified lawyers appointed by the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and is given statutory powers to witness documents and administer oaths for use in foreign countries.

Often notarial functions may include the requirement for the preparation of legal documents, such as a power of attorney or an agreement encompassing and formalising a transaction. We are well qualified to carry out this legal work for our clients as well as perform the notarial function.

The pricipal functions of a Notary Public inlcude:

  • attestation of documents and certification of their due execution for use in Australia and internationally
  • preparation and certification of powers of attorney, wills, deeds, contracts and other legal documents for use in Australia and internationally
  • administering of oaths for use in Australia and internationally
  • witnessing affidavits, statutory declarations and other documents for use in Australia and internationally
  • certification of copy documents for use Australia and internationally
  • exemplification of official documents for use internationally
  • noting and protesting of bills of exchange
  • preparation of ships’ protests.

Costs for Notary Services

There is a recommended scale of fees in NSW. Please contact our office to confirm our charges.

Costs for Notary Services
Costs for Notary Services

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